PAY 16.COM Payments are not recurring

Hosting Fees

Hosting Max.3 Pages per 6 mnd  (Including domain registration)


Hosting Up-to 6 Pages

Fee per 3 month


Hosting Multi Deluxe Up to

10 Pages Fee per 3 months


Hosting DELUXE PLUS  Up to 20 Pages Fee per 3 month


Domain Names

Register your  domain name.

Fee per Year.


Domain name transfer to another account or registrar.  From another registrar to us is no charge.


Design Fees

Design fee per hour


Small website, Blog or landing page Max 3 pages


Basic Website design Max. 5 pages one time set up fee.


Website design Max. 10 pages one time set up fee.


Mobile responsive web design Max 10 Pages


Search Engine Optimization Fee Per  month  $79. -  $150.  please select

Optimizing your site for Search.
Search Engine Optimization
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